#FYR3_W04D 2021

#FYR3_W04D is a witch process ritual using the aesthetics of femminist ephemera and atmospherics to fuel raku fires, smudge smoke and flash steam.

#FYR3_W04D process:

Hand crafted clay sculptures will be rapidly heated to 940C in a provisional kiln. The sculptures include skulls, fire toads, censors and skry bowls.

Reduction fires will be stoked with site organics (pine, cedar, oak and beech), and smothered in reduction smoke on tablets of damp sand.

Rapid cooling with well water, using spritz brooms and fine spray, provokes flash steam, glaze cracking, crazing and carbon binding with the raku clay body.



This performance is occurring in as part of the broader collective, participatory event, This Circle is a Mercle.

This event is presented in collaboration with the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.



Formed in 1979, FASTWÜRMS is the cultural project, trademark, and shared authorship of Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse.

FASTWÜRMS creates poly-disciplinary artworks that mix performance and performative events into the context of immersive installations, collective making and social exchange projects.

FASTWÜRMS artwork is characterized by a determined DIY sensibility, Witch Nation identity politics, and a keen allegiance towards working class, queer alliance, and artist collaborations.

FASTWÜRMS is a Witch polity and epistemology, creating and circulating aesthetic knowledge as a shared emancipation and liberation narrative.

Two glowing red hot skulls inside a raku kiln

Moments of this durational performance will be streamed live via Instagram and Facebook. Catch it by following us @thewitchinstitute