Vibratory Models of Care

"If matter vibrates as a fact of existence, then all matter exists in an open-ended antiphonal relation of desire. All matter exists in such a way as to require being detected by something otherwise than itself to close the loop." (Ashon T. Crawley, 2015)

Ferrari and Kline invite 13 participants to engage—via sensory-psychic apparatus and zoom—in creating a vibratory practice of communal care. This experiment is born from Ferrari and Kline’s respective research and creative projects, which investigate practices of connection, communication, healing and ritual, which have been erased or marginalized by dominant epistemic regimes.

Ferrari’s current research is concerned with a local history of a network of healers from the valley in Northern Italy where she grew up. She describes the task of “marking”; a form of divination and therapeutic practice, incorporating rituals that provided an alternative health system for the popular classes. The healers’ voice was central for delivering the “medicine,” which consisted of verbal interpretations of shapes of wool found in pillows, and the recitation of curative spells. Kline’s research is situated between two theories and practices of relationship: psychoanalysis and mediumship. Working at the border of several contested junctures, (death/life, interiority/exteriority, fantasy/ reality, human/more-than-human), Kline attends to the entanglements that may arise through a reconfigured cartography of psychic life.

This workshop will draw from some of the methods that Ferrari and Kline have researched and employed in their own artistic practices to devise a vibratory ritual in collaboration with participants. It will combine elements from practices of divination, collective dreaming, the lecture-performance, noise and glitch music, out-loud reading and psychic ways of transmitting and receiving.


Katherine Kline

Katherine Kline is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, musician and PhD candidate in Communications Studies, Concordia. Her research explores the borders and intersections between psychic life and material worlds.

Elisa Ferrari

Elisa Ferrari’s interdisciplinary practice and collaborations are concerned with memory formation, idleness, sonic sediments, translingual ecologies, somatic interrogations, psychic intuitions and the infrasonic.


A piece of paper with unredable text printed on it is nestled into a patch of greenery at night
Elisa Ferrari Katherine Kline