Navigating “Lost” Lineages: Power Loss, Ancestral Gifts, and Reclamation through Trance

Each of us has gifts. Often, these gifts follow various forms of kinship patterns that range from the Ancestral and Familial, to the Planetary or Celestial. The process of colonization is one that seeks to isolate us from those inheritances, and from the diverse kinds of kin we inherit them from. Yet, even with considerable contrary effort, these kinship patterns and connections persist and continue to call to us to aid in the process of reinstatement. Even when we feel lost and disconnected from an understanding of who we are, and where we are from, the forces that populate our Lineages continue to exist- and wait for our return.
In this workshop, Alexis invites participants to consider the topics of decolonization, connection and reconnection through an embodied practice: the purpose of which is to connect with the various points of relation through Trance and to process those experiences in group discussion. Participants will be taught the basics of Trance work from the ground up; what Trance work is, how to ‘do it’, some do’s and don’ts, and how one might continue to develop their Trance practice long after the workshop has ended. Several beginner friendly Journeys will be undertaken, all of them with the aim of facilitating Lineage reconnection, and space will be held for the self-work beginning.

Trance Topics will include (but not be limited to):
- Ancestral Reconnection
- Spirits and Guides
- take away practices to incorporate beyond the workshop

Please come rested and with writing tools!


Alexis Silvera

Alexis Silvera (she/her) is a Queer, Traditional Healer and Spiritualist located in the GTA. She is a Jamaican-Canadian practitioner of Afro-Diasporic Shamanism and other Arts, who approaches Spirituality and Magick through the lens of her Ancestry and experience as a member of the Diaspora. Alexis has an academic background in Law with specific interest in Traditional Knowledge (Intellectual Property Law) and is committed to the inclusion of anti-discrimination, anti-racism and anti-oppressive education in all her work. Her teaching style is guided by her desire to empower those she works with; her belief is that Spiritual Reclamation is a pivotal aspect of inner fortitude, resistance and balanced relationship with all things. She has been blessed by the Ancestors and Spirits, and she looks forward to assisting others in discovering the same blessings within their own lives.

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Alexis Silvera- Navigating “Lost” Lineages