What is a Witch? Exploring the Image of the Witch in the Media in Contrast to the Pagan Community

We will host an informational session and discussion aimed at separating Hollywood drama from the Pagan worldview. We will highlight common themes from popular entertainment and offer theology that is used by practitioners today. A more detailed example of Wiccan practice will follow as we provide a step-by-step explanation of a Lammas ceremony. This seasonal celebration embodies key themes of the Pagan worldview: a reverence for the divine as existing within the natural world; a sense of equality and community, even when practicing alone or online; and an emphasis on an interior spiritual connection, rather than theatricality. This session will be led by local Kingston Wiccan priest Brendan Fox. Questions are welcomed throughout, and the informational session will be followed by a Q&A session. This informational session is held in partnership with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

Attendees are invited to the follow-up session, A Lammas Celebration, a participatory ritual led by Wiccan priest Brendan Fox.

This event will take place in July, leading up to the Witch Institute symposium.


Brendan Fox

Erik Ewing-Meyer