A Lammas Celebration

Join us as we celebrate Lammas – the celebration of the year’s first harvest, a time for gathering and giving thanks for abundance. As a Wiccan ceremony, Lammas offers participants an insight into Wiccan – and more broadly, Pagan – practice and community. Local Wiccan priest Brendan Fox will lead participants through a version of this seasonal celebration adapted to an online environment. Registrants will receive a short list of things to do in preparation for the ritual. Active participation is encouraged but not a requirement.

This ritual is the second part of a two-part series aimed at explaining theology used by practitioners today. It follows the informational session "What is a Witch? Exploring the Image of the Witch in the Media in Contrast to the Pagan Community" which provides a step-by-step explanation of a Lammas ceremony and a discussion aimed at separating Hollywood representation from the Pagan worldview, held in conjunction with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

This event will take place in early August, leading up to the Witch Institute symposium.


Brendan Fox

I am spiritual, and a lifelong student. Wicca is my faith, and my first religion. I love to hear about peoples’ stories, and to learn about the history of the craft. I began as a solitary practitioner in 1997, but through reflection I found I am at my best in a coven. I then became part of an American Welch coven, while still maintaining my personal practice. With the support of these beautiful people, I opened and maintained a ministry performing public ceremony for the local Kingston community. We also travelled to institutions offering ritual and rites of passage. On Yule 2008 I parted company with that coven. It was a difficult time in my life. The Gods hit with a very big clue (x 4) and I made some difficult changes. Today I am still involved with Wicca. I am a Gardnerian Priest. I still maintain my connection with spirit. My worldview is that I am spirit, part of Jung’s collective unconscious, the Akasha, whatever name you wish to give it. Central to my practice is the belief that Consciousness is universal and from Consciousness material is manifest.


a field of tall grass at dusk with a blank laptop screen in the foreground
Photo by Erik Ewing-Meyer