The Love Witch and Q&A with Anna Biller

This event will feature a screening of Anna Biller’s The Love Witch (2016) followed by a discussion with the director and Witch Institute organizers, de Szegheo Lang and Vena. A feminist satire of 1960s Technicolor horror, The Love Witch follows a modern-day witch as she uses spells and magic to manipulate a man’s romantic feelings. The post-screening conversation will focus on Biller’s homage to 1960s witch cinema, as well as her treatment of female subjectivity and feminist politics. Together, the three participants will explore historical treatments of the witch on screen and consider how these images continue to work intertextually in today’s media.


Anna Biller (Film Director)

Emily Sanders (moderator)

Dan Vena (discussant)

Tamara de Szegheo Lang (discussant)

a woman with long dark hair laying on a red satin pillow.
Still from The Love Witch