Spellbound (expanded): Rosemary In Allyship with Afro-Diasporic Communities

Thru 'Rosemary: In Allyship with Afro-Diasporic Communities,' we'll get a chance to gently build relationship with this aromatic herb; we will get a chance to connect with some sides of this medicinal and magical ally that we may not have met.

I'm a big believer that in order to build relationship with anyone, it's important to know their story; navigating a plant's land origins and migration assists us in learning the story of them, and the impact their use has had on the communities they've travelled to. In this workshop, we will learn a little more about the land origins of this herbal friend, and along they way, we will get an opportunity to discuss the relationship that Black communities in North America and the Caribbean have had with rosemary, by way of afro-diasporic root magicks and healing plant medicine.

Looking to tea as an accessible concoction/potion of immense healing and magical properties, we'll blend a protective and immunity boosting tea together that we can safely share with family and friends. And all participants will leave this workshop with a few extra recipes under their belt, to respectfully and effectively support their protective and healing magicks, as well as effectively use the anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that rosemary holds.

Our plant allies show up for us when we need them most, both selflessly and earnestly. May this be a chance to offer gratitude to their brilliance by curling up at their feet and simply listening.

This workshop is for Black Identifying folks only. A tea blend will be mailed out before the seminar in the first week of July. Receiving the medicine in advance will provide an opportunity to create a bodily bond with the mixture and share your experience with other participants. If the registration is full and you wish to learn more about the topic, you can contact Cassandra Thompson at cassandra.m.thompson@gmail.com. This invitation to get in touch with the facilitator is open to everyone desiring to learn plant medicine and become better allies.

This workshop is offered in dialogue with the Spellbound (expanded) screening program, with support from the George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund.

Cassandra lounging on a chair in a neutrally decorated room with a plant, soft light is coming in the window.
Cassandra Thompson


Cassandra Thompson

Cassandra is a life student of plant based remedy and medicine, as well as a Full Circle Birth Companion/Doula.

She received her full circle doula training from Shafia Monroe Consulting, a premier training program for birth workers who seek to meet the socio-spiritual needs of the afro-diasporic community.

As a past grassroots activist, Cassandra's work remains dedicated to the healing of women, two-spirit, trans and queer IBPOC.

Her writing has been published in Illustrated Impact, Briarpatch Magazine, The Peak's Medicine Issue & Reproductive Justice Issue, to name a few. She's also contributed regularly to the Healing & Magick column in Wear Your Voice Magazine.

She founded, Crystal Root & Conjure, a curios company & apothecary that is rooted in the cultural and spiritual practice of hoodoo; using plant based medicine and black folk ritual, to blend teas, tinctures, salves, oxymels, vinegars, waters and other mixtures for full circle healing, daily self care, prenatal and postpartum care and has since evolved some of it’s scope into Seed & Cerasee Birth Care.

She currently works as a Birth Centre Aide at the Toronto Birth Centre; is a founding member of the birth work collective, Ocama Collective; and is actively following her path of birth work in afro-diasporic tradition, inclusive of trans & queer IBPOC community.