Rachel True in conversation with Dani Bethea

Rachel True, tarot-reader and star of the iconic 90’s witch film The Craft, will be in conversation with writer and editor-in-chief Dani Bethea. Together, they will share thoughts on the representation of black femininity in witch horror and horror fandom, The Craft’s ongoing legacy, and True's tarot practice.


Rachel True (speaker)

Rachel True is an American actress who has appeared in numerous hit and cult films including The Craft, about a coven of young witches, the stoner classic Half Baked, and Greg Araki's Nowhere which premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Rachel was also the lead on the TV show Half & Half, for which she was nominated for an NAACP award. A native New Yorker and an avid bibliophile, Rachel is a life-long tarot practitioner. She now lives with her two Siamese cats in Los Angeles. Visit her website: TrueHeartTarot.com.

Dani Bethea (speaker)

Dani Bethea (she/they/them) is a non-binary grey-asexual writer, weightlifter, and gardener from North Carolina. When they’re not participating as a panelist/moderator or podcasting, find them via contributions across an expanse of Medium publications, Gayly Dreadful, Uppercut Crit, and many more. They enjoy pontificating about the intersections of gender, horror, race, science fiction, pop culture, and video games.

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Rachel True
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Dani Bethea