INCANTATIONS is a collection of sixteen visual and sonic experiments centred around the idea of score as spell, curated and produced by Séance Centre’s Brandon Hocura and Naomi Okabe, and co-presented by Tone Deaf Kingston and The Witch Institute.

A spell and its incantation are distinct, but conjoined by a symbolic, almost umbilical force. A spell is a totem text, a material call for change — a seed, a recipe, an instruction, a potential. The incantation of a spell gives it life, brings breath to body, raises hairs, moves minds. For this project, eight spell-scores were created by visual/text-based artists for a musician/composer to incant. Taking a wide interpretation of what can be considered a score, these works include concrete poetry, collage, painting, drawing, spell-poetry, instructional art, and recipe. The resulting sound works give voice to these evocative “texts”, residing in the liminal space between musical form and magical utterance.

The eight spell cards, inspired by the format of oracle and tarot cards, are invitations for further interpretation and play. To be under a spell is to be lost in a transformation, an alternate reality, to be in collaboration with an unknowable and powerful force. The works in this collection have created a spontaneous and ludic alchemy, courageous attempts to catalyze and spark in our present moment.


The Metaphysical

Digital Album + Spell Card PDF

Available now

$12 USD

The Liminal

Digital Album + Spell Card Set

Limited to 200

Ships on/around Sep 14th

$20 USD

The Corporeal

Vinyl LP + Spell Card Set + Digital DL

Limited to 300

Ships on/around Dec 1st

$35 USD


All of the digital proceeds go to the artists involved. 

The Spell Card Set includes 9 x printed cards (size: 5.5” x 8”)


Felicia Atkinson (Belgium)

bill bissett (Canada)

adrienne maree brown (USA)

Scott Gailey (Canada)

Beverly Glenn-Copeland (Canada)

David Horvitz (USA)

Benjamin Kilchofer (Switzerland

Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh (Canada)

Gavilan Rayna Russom (USA)

Tomoko Sauvage (Japan/France)

Mona Steinwidder/Museum of No Art (Germany)

Yu Su (China/Canada)

Andrew Zukerman (Canada)

Dani Spinosa (Canada)

Idris Rahman (UK)

C.R. Gillespie (Canada)

Image by Benjamin Kilchofer
Image by Benjamin Kilchofer