Weaving Hypersigils: Hacking the Source Code of Reality

Chaos Magick emerged in the 1970s as postmodernity’s contribution to the Occult. Its practitioners rejected the hierarchies of the Western magickal tradition, favouring deconstructive bricolage approaches grounded in Gnostic ideals. Chaos Magicians use belief as a tool, and Magick as a technology capable of fusing the conscious and unconscious together, to hack the source code of reality. The majority of Chaos Magicians make active use of Sigils -- magical symbols charged with intent – reconceptualized and modernized by Austin Osmand Spare and Thee Temple ov Psychik Youth in the early 20th century. The Sigil takes a desire or intent, folds it down into its key aspects, and produces a magickal symbol which acts as a conduit between conscious and unconscious projection.

Chaos Magician and comic-book writer Grant Morrison upgraded the Sigil to the new concept of the Hypersigil, which “develops the concept beyond the static image and incorporates elements such as characterization, drama and plot.” The hypersigil is magickal narrative construction that imagines a transmedial story as a spell.

As an artist and witchdoctor I have been developing a transmedial hypersigil for the past 13 years, an invented religion and accompanying queer mythology called RELIGIONVIR.US. My workshop for the Witch Institute will map out the fundamentals of Hypersigils as a magical formula to produce radical new transmedial narratives imbued with psychomagickal intent.


[M] Dudeck

[M] Dudeck is an artist, witchdoctor and cultural engineer who has spent the past 13 years inventing a queer religion as art. This project, called RELIGIONVIR.US has been performed, exhibited, screened and published in over twenty five countries worldwide. They live and work between Canada, Italy and Scotland.

Illustration of a figure in robes with neon colours screen printed on top. Hot pink, green and yellow adorn the robes. At the bottom is the text Boudiccan COllege of Crytical Witchcraft
Boudiccan College of Crytical Witchcraft